Who should propose first? Boy or a girl?

Hey there, are you the type of person who has fallen in love? Just wanted to know who should propose first? Boy or a girl? you or him/her? Then you’re at the right blog. Feelings Pro is a blog, where you can feel like a pro in everything. We will make you a better YOU! Let me reiterate the question in the simplest language. Should you propose first? or wait for them to propose.

Who should propose first?

You should propose first if you’re genuinely in love and can’t think of losing him/her. Let me give you an example where if you didn’t propose first.

If you don’t propose first to the person whom you adore or love, chances are they might get feelings on another person. You might lose them and what if they get married? You can’t even imagine about this.


First of all, What is love? Don’t confuse infatuation with love or chatting continuously with another person is love.

Don’t imagine love is that jealous feeling when your best friend hangs out with your worst friend. They might like each other but doesn’t mean you got jealous and it’s love. This theory is utter nonsense.

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What is love?

I hope you feel you’re in love, but just to confirm are you having those butterflies feeling in the stomach?

Being in love is, you like to hang around with other person most of the times, you can hear their tiny voices while reading their messages. Whatever you hear about something good or bad, very first thought you get is about him/her.

Never you try to lie to that person and you will share little things to him/her as those little things are your world. You want to booze or have some other type of fun and you know what I mean.

Love is when you care other person with your purest form. You don’t want to lose them or either has second thoughts about leaving.


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Now let’s answer should you propose?

It always has to be you and if you’re having feelings, don’t wait, just express your feelings and give them time to think. Don’t ever force them to accept or create a nuisance that you’ll die if they don’t accept.

Even if they reject, just put that little smile on and walk away. You know killing your love is as easy as you can forget within 21 days.

This 21 days theory is a great practice. Block them on every social media accounts and don’t be in touch with him/her for the next 21 days. You’ll lose your interest in them and loves to care more about you until some miracle happens.


What studies say? Boy or girl to propose?

Studies have proven that boys propose first than girls. Girls have that tendency to limit themselves by keeping family expectations, husband material thoughts etc., but boys are genuine by heart and can’t wait for a girl to propose. They take the first step out of their heart.

But in this present generation, boys are not trustworthy. Almost 60% strive for sexting or just to catch up for conversation rather than real love. Even 20% of girls are the same but those are mainly pseudo-feminists.

These are the type of girls who write an Instagram bio as “Mah life, Mah rules, nobody gives a fuck and let’s hangout you fucking moron”.

Even boys too, have you seen people who write “Murdered cake in ##th month”.

Boys and girls jokes apart, Love is a feeling which is an ocean. You thrive hard to fall in it, you struggle a lot to be in it. But if it’s just one side, you can’t do anything about it. Moving on is just an option.


When to propose?

When you love, propose at the right time, when you both made a good bond. Better take her on a long ride or a place where she is comfortable most. Never in a shopping mall or Whatsapp texts. As you might miss her expressions of joy if she is already in love with you.

FInally utter whatever you want to, in a pleasant way and no as if you’re answering a 10 mark question in your graduation exams.


I’ve missed my girl’s feelings to catch up. I mean, I didn’t see her expressions while proposing, I would have proposed her just in front of her but texted in Snapchat. But she understood my feelings for her are never-ending and answered to my proposal after a month like a Pro. Not like others who take 2-3 days to discuss with friends. Even I gave the leverage to accept only if she is confident enough.

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We are happy together and want to marry. Ending this post right here and will continue sharing you guys every thought I get when I’m in my room probably you know which room. Guess in comments xD


Spread love, fall in love….. singleism boys and girls, try hard to stay single but one day you’ll mingle for sure.


You know, we at feelingspro.com write genuine reasons with love and passion. If you feel obsessed or mistaken as offensive, feel free to comment back. We will keep connecting to your thoughts shortly.


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