What mothers deserve? An untold story – Mother’s day

Mother is an emotion for everyone. She is the kind of angel for us. Our mothers deserve the best of every day. But what she deserved at the end? All I could think is, our mother in her entire time served her family. Served her husband, children, grandchildren, her parents and dad’s parents.

She has done many things which are great and that has fulfilled her life.  That is what she thinks, she has fulfiled her life serving her family, took good care. Many others who have achieved many things in life, couldn’t achieve her happiness. She knows the deprivations and she made clear to adjust herself to family needs.



What our mothers does daily and what she deserves every day?

Mothers serve the food to you and then she eats the leftovers. She makes food for the entire family.  Roti’s, chawal, dal and necessary item.  Once we go to work, then she eats the leftovers. She will cook for us, we do eat a lot of it. But we don’t think will it be sufficient for mother. If the food or curry is not enough, she cooks for us. If it’s not enough when coming to her, she doesn’t cook. She will adjust to a pickle and fulfil her stomach.


We never eat with mothers and never know how she eats or what she eats.


What mother deserves if she is in pain?

Dad has back pain, she will apply a balm and spray. But what if a mother has back pain? no one is there to help her. Perhaps, she needs to apply herself or rest herself in pain.

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Answers relevant to this question: QUORA

f anyone in the house is sick, the mother will take care of them, but what if mummy lies down? We don’t know where the sugar and salt are. More than 90% of cases are never had their lives what they deserved.

You can do it right, we are born to help her and she doesn’t allow anyhow. Though the mother doesn’t allow, we must help her, she deserves that help which we can do.

what mom does in day time
what mom does in day time?

A trip which mothers deserve:

She might like to go on a trip, she might want to meet her mother too, but dad’s don’t think she worth it? Mother did everything for us and why not we fulfill hers?

Let us book a cab or a train ticket to Tirupati, or some pilgrim which she loved in her childhood. Let us book one simple hotel and stay with her during her trip. Let us enjoy every moment with her when she is deserving her best trip in the world. I might consider this right after this lockdown is done and when everything is back to normal.

trip with mom every year - What mothers deserve

Doesn’t a mother deserve even a TV remote?

Mothers have desires too but cannot communicate with anyone. Because she think, that she is here to take care of our family, my family and only the family. Irrespective of the situation, she just deserves to serve us and she doesn’t like to be served.

Can your mother sit in front of the TV and keep watching the same serial or movie even when you join her one day?

Whenever you go, or someone comes to watch TV when she was watching, remote will be handed over to you and she will get up and do some or the other work.

She doesn’t have a choice to watch her own tv or channel? Why not be a mom to her?

Why not gift a TV to her to which she can watch after her day and sleep while watching in the parent’s room.

watching TV with mom and her favorite serial
Watching TV with mom and her favorite serial

What quality of time do mothers deserve in a day?

Can you please give her that quality of time from your demanding life? Why not call her instead of calling your friend whom you don’t miss on giving your updates?

People who cry loudest are the people who couldn’t express their love and care. I don’t want you to be the one and please spend most of your time with your mother.

We must deserve to say whatever we can, as she is our mother. She doesn’t want to go on a trip, she means it and says just to ignore. But internally she needs a break from the work she does.

When we buy 2 saree’s to her, she just asks us, why? I don’t need them. Already I’ve many in my cupboard, I don’t need it. Do you know that when the time comes, she wears it and say, my son/daughter bought it for me. She will tell this to everyone she meets about it on that day.

What mothers deserve at the end of the day?

Why not invest some time and help her get relaxed at the end of the day to tell our love for her?

Let her watch her favorite serial and not to demand the TV remote. You can watch it online anytime but who knows it could be her ending days sometimes. Let her spend the rest of her life which she likes and help her being herself more than a mother.

Happy mothers day, you deserve this

Why not we cook for her once in a week, to show that she deserves the best and we are the best for her. Why not wash our clothes or clean our room ourselves?

For her, that will be fulfilled and indicates a direction to be happy in life. Let us give what mothers deserve and be the happiness of her life.

Ending this beautiful blog with a quote,


Loudest cries during the funeral are the ones who couldn’t express their love and care when the other person was alive.

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