What is coronavirus? How corona breakout?

Hey reader, I hope you’re self-isolating at home and still interested to read about What is coronavirus disease? How corona breakout? Is it a bio war or how deathly corona is? All your questions are here as this Feelings Pro blog post. Feelingspro.com a one stop blog for all Feelings to be solved like a pro . All you need to do is read, gain some knowledge and take these precautions simultaneously. We are also going to discuss on Janta Curfew.


What is coronavirus disease? What is covid-19?

According to WHO (World health organization) statement, Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can make you ill with a common cold, respiratory organ damage with SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome). Sometimes even Middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Coronavirus is formerly known as Covid-19.


How did corona outbreak start?

The outbreak of the coronavirus is predicted to be a wet market in Wuhan. Here both dead and live animals are sold for food. This market even includes fish and birds.

Having a lot of raw meat of animals, viruses can jump from animals to humans while the process of butchering or when a human touch to parcel it. This coronavirus is expected to be starting from bats.

Since bats are known for many virus hosts. There are even many articles that bats are hosts to wide range of zoonotic viruses named Ebola, Rabies.


How did this transfer from animals to humans?

Chinese markets were outbreaks and we know this point. But do you know that Chinese people intake fishes, bats, snakes etc as their daily survival food? Yes, what you read is right. They are dependent on seafood mostly but even treat eating animals would make them stay immune and long live.

Assuming that a person got infected by eating bats, would have transferred to many of his friends and colleagues. Places he travelled would have that virus for 12-24 hrs depending on the type of object.


As per science, this virus can withhold itself on a cardboard piece for 12hrs, on a metal surface for 24hrs and if he sneezes or spits, would survive in the air for 3hrs. 


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How many people got infected?

Having many confirmed cases apart, you can see that Google and Microsoft are seriously tracking these cases live apart from Govt. confirmation. You can check a live map and infected areas in this Microsoft bing website clearly.

Google is clearly trying to exclude few fake websites which are faking news for publicity on covid-19 i.e Coronavirus.


Heard of some news saying this thing outbreak in a lab while experimenting for a bio war?

Keep these type of stories aside and concentrate more on precautions dear. Yes, there is a prediction that the outbreak was mainly for a bio war. Until Govt. confirms about this, we have to take thing as an outbreak which is unexpected.

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What precautions should be done to avoid coronavirus?

  1. Be self-isolated at home.
  2. Wash your hands till elbow every time you touch an object outside your home.
  3. Do not shake hands with friends and colleagues.
  4. No hugging and kissings, please.
  5. While sneezing or coughing, put your elbow up in front to cover.
  6. Or use a handkerchief or a mask.
  7. Use hand sanitizer hands which has alcohol percentage.

Do not fall for Whatsapp forward messages which say?

  1. Eating ginger will eradicate coronavirus.
  2. Taking onion juice will kill coronavirus.
  3. Eating hot food will kill coronavirus.
  4. Very hot temperature kills coronavirus.

All these are myths and not science-related. Take things seriously as India is now falling in Stage-3 of covid-19.


How serious is coronavirus?

Corona could be deadly if you do not follow precautions. Especially adults could survive to this due to good immune system but older age people couldn’t.


How to avoid coronavirus?

Stay home, if you’re working for an IT or MNC, your corporates know how to work accordingly. Now many of them are having Work from home setup ready, as this is severe or fatal.

Kindly, stay at home and say no to social gatherings. Clean out things which you buy in markets with hot water for 20min. Avoid eating outside food.


Even our Indian government is taking this issue seriously, as the population is more and if this breaks out a lot in this type of country, nobody can save us.

Even our Prime Minister, Mr.Narendra Modi Ji has called out for Janta Curfew on 22nd March 2020.

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What is Janta Curfew?

Janta curfew is a type of social locking ourselves at home from 7 AM to 9 PM on Sunday, 22nd March. This is on a trial basis and could extend in case of a severe outbreak of coronavirus in India.

What happens is, during Janta curfew roads and offices keep shut down and this reduces fewer gatherings. Roads and other paths isolated stage for 14hrs and could really stop spreading the virus, coronavirus can stay for 12hrs.

If this really works and fewer cases will be registered on Sunday, this continues until further notice. Italy and Germany couldn’t make such decisions as they thought this virus is simple and can be cured.


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But there is no cure for it and even declared that it might take a lot of time to produce a medicine for it. Until then we need to deal with it.


Taking an ending line to this topic, all I would conclude is, stop believing myths and start focusing on Science. Take certain precautions given by WHO or PHO.


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