Trying to be happy – Episode 1

If you are trying to be happy, maybe you can never be happy. Trying isn’t cool unless you’re happy by self. Most of the times, people say I’m happy with the food, I’m cool being with my girlfriend/boyfriend.

But, understand the point that things won’t make us feel good. That feeling, which is giving us a nice pleasure, I mean in a positive way, it is happiness.

Finding happiness is as easy as giving people more credit rather than commenting on them. Feeling good of what you’re doing rather than regretting later.


Trying to be happy?

Happiness is seeing someone whom we love, mom, dad or sister/brother. When they return home after school/work, we can see a happy smile on our Mom’s face.

In that perspective, mom is happy that we reached home safe.

Happiness is when you solve a typical problem in life, after going through rough days. Happiness is what you do rather than what others made you succeed.

Does success play a major role in happiness?
It depends on the majority of people biased on yes/no. But I would like to make a general statement saying it is up to you, who needs to decide it as happiness/sadness.
Let us discuss this in next podcasts, with a little music and a wide range of late-night series.

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We love you all. Thanks for listening to this podcast and will meet you in the next session.


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