Top 6 Productivity and fitness hacks during lockdown

Being caught in quarantine lockdown may appear to be the right excuse to rest yourself on sofa all day. Most of us binge watching Netflix and having bags of food, Cheetos and junk within the pantry. However to be frank, sticking to some routine, that will make you more healthy and happier. Keep trust in us and these are the Top 6 Productivity and fitness hacks during lockdown. These should be already in your home if you’re kind of working.

These Top 6 Productivity and fitness hacks will make your life and work easier. Trust me, we all have been exhausted at home and these top 6 things to do during lockdown will make our day better and your body to be fit.

What are the Top 6 Productivity and fitness hacks during lockdown?

1. Our favorite sensible speaker Amazon Alexa Aka Amazon Echo Dot 3:

From waking up the children to reminding you when it is time for a piece break, Amazon Echo system can do a whole lot of issues together. Serving to you stick with a routine. Right here at reviewed, we suggest the Amazon Echo as a result of it has nice sound high quality, tons of useful options, and far-field voice recognition so you’ll be able to speak to Alexa from any room in the home. This will keep you productive to remember tasks and help you in every possible way with little hacks.

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2. A espresso maker to make mornings easier. Be your personal barista coffee:

We’re not saying you want espresso to make it by your workday however we’re not, not saying it both. In case your each day cup of joy helps you keep centered and let’s be sincere, motivated. Do not give that up simply because Starbucks is closed. Brew your personal at dwelling with our favorite single serve espresso maker.

Or You can buy a your own coffee powder and make a good coffee in the morning. A coffee in the morning, can help us being productive and make our fitness hacks more possible way. We can schedule our fitness plans while having a beautiful coffee! (Buy from here)


3. A membership for fitness workouts: Get your sweat and work on your fitness:

Keep your weekly exercise schedule for fitness and workouts. You will have instantaneous entry to 1000’s of exercises taught by skilled instructors for yoga to boxing. All you need to do is find a fitness video in YouTube for free. These fitness programs are mostly free and taught by freelance fitness masters.

You don’t need to pay any penny for fitness apps in Google play store. Since we are doing them at home, YouTube could be our one destiny.


4. This alarm clock that mimics the sunrise:

Wake up with the dawn: Productivity and fitness hacks perfect example

We could be to sleep till 11 AM, probably the most important sleep we do feel. But sticking to a routine is sticking to a sleep schedule and be more productive. And whereas you do not have to get up at 4 AM in the morning. Getting off the bed earlier within the morning may help you get your day better and healthy. Moderately than a bloody alarm clock, all of us don’t love alarms with huge sounds. This app mimics the dawn and wakes you up gently with nature sounds.


5. A health tracker to keep you productivity and fitness hacks:

In case you move or walk just for the day, strolling from the kitchen to the sofa and again once more, you may want a health tracker that will help you get movement in your body. Do you know that 87% of Software employees do not walk and create health issues? We don’t sit properly, walk in between breaks, these creates unwanted fats to rest in our veins. Which we call them as cholesterol.

Hence we need a tracker or a fit-bit band. Coming to fit-bit, I’m not a big fan of it. I use regular Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and it was the best. It has a battery backup of 3 weeks and gives appropriate results. I’ve a goal set of 10000 steps per day, 7 hours of proper sleep which includes 2 hours of deep sleep and 5 hours of normal sleep.

All such data can be tracked automatically by Mi Band 4 and it is easy. We suggest you to buy Redmi Mi band 4 from our affiliate link, as we can get a referral fee. you do not pay any extra cost for it. Please have a look at this and buy, you know what we do is for your right thing.


6. These noise-canceling headphones to maintain you focused, productivity and fitness hacks:

It is easy to get distracted during your work hours and meetings. Someone at home is watching Netflix movies in hall. To get your work done and meetings done without any disturbances, I recommend you to buy a noise-cancelling headphones. They’re the very best ones we have ever examined due to their comfy match and their effectiveness at drowning out distractions.


All these 6 productive tips are useful for everyone. If you loved this article, please comment and let us know.

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