Top 10 things to relate in lockdown like Avengers

Hey readers, a virtual hug to all of you who is suffering boredom during the lockdown. We are stuck in a place, we need to run, far from this Coronavirus, but we can’t. When compared we feel like Thanos is here as Coronavirus and we are waiting for Iron man to help us. Iron man for us is the vaccine which is still miles long. Few of us are thinking 2020 is the end of this world and there are many complications in it. Let us par this in a better way. So before going on to the discussion let me tell what I relate in lockdown?


Top 10 things to relate in Lockdown:

  • We are at home and boredom is killing us.
  • Charge your mobile, use Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, Pubg and websites. Repeat this trend until, end of the day.
  • Sleep late nights around 2 or 3 AM in the morning but wake up at 9:55 to log in for work.
  • Have breakfast around 12 PM and lunch by 2 PM with no gap?
  • Let’s have some chai or coffee break around 4 PM and a quote “Maa bhuk lagra aka amma aakalesthundi in Telugu”.
  • As we are eating a lot of food made by mom, her reaction is like – I guess Kumbh Karan is still not dead.
  • I’ll create a timetable from tomorrow for Gym, exercise and diet. (Never happens)
  • In the evening, a group of friends video call us and we will complain why this lockdown is required and bak-bak about the vaccine.
  • We say TikTok is for some other genders but watch them, have some fun and a good laugh.
  • Around 7-8 PM we will try watching a new movie and OTT platform to search, the day ends up searching and do not watch any. (100% relatable).


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How to spend this free time in a more positive way?

I have been doing research on how to be positive during the lockdown. Every time we make ourselves feel that lockdown is going to end, our honourable Prime minister and State CM announces extension. So I came up with a technique called 721 – “Techno-medi-run”. This term is my own abbreviation for 7 hours of Technology, 2 hours of Meditation and relaxing and 1 hour of running or walking.


As most of us are addicted to internet usage, we want to be alive in social media and be online for almost 16 hours a day. Instead, let us divide it into 7 hours and how to utilize it.


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How to spend time during a lockdown? How to minimize mobile usage?

Since I’m already following this. Let me share you an app named, digital wellbeing by Google. This is a beta app which can help you avoid mobile usage and stop notification from apps which you use regularly. When this app is on, you cannot open these apps which you’ve selected.

I do this since I’m not into Instagram much, I don’t want any notifications popping from Whatsapp. I put a particular time to lock them. During this time I come up with development and learning. I utilize much time on personal development and create new stuff.


What do my Techno-Medi-Run mean to relate in lockdown?

  • 7 hour of technology muting, i.e using no mobile for 7 hours in a day and develop your skills.
  • Meditation for 2 hours a day which includes a little break from everything and hibernate your mind.
  • 1 hour of Run, you can usually walk and a little bit of jog on terrace mainly in the evening.


Dear friend, we do have 24 hours out of which you’re removing 10 hours for Techno-medi-run and you’re left with 14 hours. Taking a sleep of 7 hours in deep sleep, you can use mobile for the next 7 hours. But consider following meditation and self-talking on positivity.


Spread positivity, love and care. During these lockdown hours, everyone needs attention. We are lacking mindfulness and mental support. In case you need any help, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be available anytime from morning 9 AM to 11 PM.


I am signing off today with a little bit of eagerness that you’ll find this post helpful and please do share the same.

Surendra Uppari

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