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Do you wish to share a message or some knowledge via blogging? Do you wish to convey a message around your circle and to the world? Then a blog can help you share your views and your information to every corner of this world. So, how to start a blog? Many others ask me this simple question. How should I start a blog and buy a domain? Is it necessary?

We don’t have much technical knowledge or start a blog, we need to code? or we need to create any DB on server side? These type of common things people ask, and I usually end up saying wait! It is completely normal to start a blog and quite easy though. All you need is a domain and hosting (Depending on your choice).

Before starting this topic, let me create how to start a blog FAQ here:

FAQ on how to start a blog:

  1. Do I need technical knowledge? – No
  2. Should I buy a domain for blog? – Yes
  3. Can I use Blogger and start a free blog? – Partially Yes
  4. Is hosting Mandatory to start a blog? – Depending on your platform
  5. Can we buy domains and hosting which are cheap – A big NO!

Index of topics:

  • How to start a blog that generates $100 everyday?
  • What is a blog?
  • How to start a blog?
  • Comparison between Blogger vs WordPress
  • vs
  • Best hosting provider – Most underrated
  • How to buy a domain?
  • Start your first blog on WordPress
  • How to monetize my blog?

Hello, I’m Surendra Uppari. I’ve been running a blog for 3 years. I created my first blog in 2016 with zero experience. It took me a year to understand the functionality of a blog. As we all Google the stuff and learn. I usually coded my own blog as I didn’t know there existed templates. xD

What is a blog?

A blog is a place, where an author can communicate with his readers. Blog can be either a website which has separate section called posts. To start a blog, we need to have few ideas on what your niche is? Coming to the word niche, a category for your blog.

What is a blog and explanation

I’ve started my blog to communicate on Positivity, Mindfullness and mostly on How to’s. I post every aspect of my life incidents and what all I do see in society, with a clear intention to spread a message. So if you’re planning to communicate something, earn money for writing posts or want to earn money by selling or affiliate marketing, you’re welcome to start a blog.

How to start a blog?

We usually start our blog in Blogger powered by Google. We want everything at FREE! as we are not interested to pay. Usually any platform that gives free hosting, please understand that they are gaining your powerful information and you need to pay for external features.


how to start a blog in 2 minutes


Free services limit you monetizing options and make you pay for its services. As an Example, understand that a blogger is hosted on Google’s servers. If your blogger is hacked, you can’t do anything about it. You need to recover the blog from Google and it’s an ultimate point that, who will help you out?

These cases are rare but if you’re serious on start a blog and monetize it with Google Adsense, we recommend you to buy a self hosted platform like WordPress.

Comparison between Blogger vs WordPress:

Blogger: It is a platform developed by Google. You can create a free blog with a blogger account by signing into your Google account. You will get a domain name to choose with an extension of So this is typically a URL where your readers can visit your blog. Start a blog with the URL prefix with your blog name. Example, if my blog name is startablog, so blogger URL you need to choose as


Blogger is a HTML template platform. Your blog runs on HTML and small parts of CSS to support it for styling. If you’re new to start a blog and want to just write for school projects or personal diaries, blogger is your choice. But if you want to expand your blog with registrations, affiliate marketing, advertising, adsense and also to enhance your blog with signup list for e-mails, we don’t recommend you blogger.

And also, having a domain name with extensions is not recommended as it hurts your SEO. Google still ranks your blog at top but indexing your pages with such a huge domain is a bad idea for your readers.


difference between wordpress vs blogger


WordPress: Before starting this, understand that there are two types of WordPress. One is with WordPress hosting ( and other is with self hosting WordPress (

Main difference between these two are, is similar to blogger and you will get a as an extension instead of and WORDPRESS.ORG is self hosted and you need a domain and hosting provider for it. is similar to blogger and acts as same. To get premium functionalities like plugins, themes and customization you need to pay a lot of bucks.

Our suggestion for you to start a blog:  Which platform to use?

Buy a domain of your choice and host a on your self hosted script. It sounds a lot of technical stuff but remember, it’s as easy as you just install a setup.exe file in your Windows.


Note: Please use if you want to self host a blog or website and earn money directly.


How to start a WordPress blog in 2 minutes?

You can start a blog in 2 minutes. All you need is script, a domain and a hosting provider.

We recommend you to buy domain and shared or personal hosting from same hosting provider. Both will costs less and billing would be easy. If you buy a domain for cheap price from cheap domain providers, they cost 3X for transferring your domain to required hosting provider. We use as our Domain and hosting provider. We trust them and all our problems are solved within 3 minutes, whenever we require any support.

How to buy a domain?

Buying a domain is crucial part. We need to name our blog and it must match with the domain. So naming your blog is crucial part and it must be unique and explanatory. Most of the time, any blogger tries to buy a random domain name and host a blog name which is different to domain.

Example: Domain name is and Blog name is Google.

Note: This is an example, and we are not trying to explain you in a negative way.

How to choose a domain

If you’re buying a blog name with FeelingsPro, your domain name must match with it i.e

As we recommend you to buy a domain and hosting at, we would get a referral fee of 2% from your purchase order. This fee is excluded from what you pay and has no charge on your side. This is an affiliate link only! if you want to support us buy from here.


How to name my blog name?

You can take help of online tools like, and Instant Domain Name generator. Please use appropriate tool only for understanding and do not buy domains from these two unless you know if they are from trusted sources. Right after buying  a domain you can start a blog with next step of buying a hosting.


What is hosting? Shared hosting vs personal hosting:

Hosting in common terms are, a web-disk where your script is stored and executed. You can chose a shared hosting at first, as we need at least 6 months to develop our blog to an extent. Once you gain a user base of assuming 2000+ we recommend you to choose a personal hosting with dedicated IP.

You can find Shared hosting Vs Personal hosting differences here.

Start your first blog on WordPress:

Right after buying your domain and hosting plan, your web registrar i.e Domainracer would send your credentials within 2 hours and your domain is accessible in 12hrs. It takes usually 4-6 hours to correct the DNS and it sounds a little technical but avoid it. It’s your registrar part.


When you get your credentials, login to your cpanel, cpanel adress looks like and it will redirect to your Cpanel. Cpanel is an interface, where you can get many options of creating DB, uploading files, SSL encryption, Virusscanner, Softaculous, etc.,


Right after login to your Cpanel, head over to Softaculous and you will have a choice to install WordPress in Blogs section (As shown below in Cpanel)



c-panel softaculous wordpress install - how to start a blog
c-panel softaculous wordpress install – how to start a blog


Install WordPress in Cpanel using Softaculous:

Softaculous wordpress install now button


Click on Install now and you will see a screen like this below:

install WP into main directory and buy a domain

Important things to notice:

  • Please select a Protocol of HTTPS always, as HTTPS are secured and users information like, Passwords and debit, credit details are encrypted in the headers.


  • If you want to host your blog on main directory, please clear anything from IN DIRECTORY which we highlighted in above image. (By default WordPress installs in WP directory as shown in below image).
  • To access this blog we need to enter URL as which is annoying and not a good idea. So remove WP from directory while installing.


  • If you want to access blog with and no entension at end Please remove WP “In directory” if you want to install into main domain.


  • Enter Site Name aka, your blog name and a little description about blog name and please include a little description of 56 characters only. It is just a tag line  and needs to be simple.


  • Go ahead and create a admin user and password, so that you can login and create your first blog.


  • Select a beautiful theme at end of the page and more importantly, you can install any theme later so click on Install now and you can customize themes later. This is how you start your first blog of

When installation is successful, you will get an E-mail from softaculous that installation is successful with blog URL and admin URL.


You can now login to  WordPress and customize it in your admin area by visiting

  • Enter Username and password

Now you can see a area like this, please note that, few of the name you might not see in your blog as, we have installed all plugins and you will install them later.

Wordptess admin area/bar, buy a domain
WordPress admin area important links


Important steps before your Start a blog and writing:

Posts: Delete default Hello World post, as it might get indexed in Google before you start a blog.

Pages: Create an About, Contact us and Privacy policy page, as they are important for Google Adsense and to your customers or readers to understand who you are and how can they reach out for help.

Appearance: At start, go to Appearance and select a theme which is easy and fast for your blog.

Plugins: You must need 5 important plugins to start a blog, which you can find here.

Settings: Please select all the important things and note that you can either allow users to signup for your blog or not from these settings menu.


That is an end. You first blog is ready and our first post on how to start a blog is completed. In upcoming tutorials, I will help you to choose 7 important plugins and 2 important themes for your WordPress blog. How to Show ads in Blogs and earn money?


All of these questions will be answered soon, so STAY TUNED!

Surendra Uppari

I’m Surendra Uppari, writer, guitarist though I know only open chords, developer by passion. Have been blogging from the past 3 years, love to share much information through my sources i.e heart.Wanna know more? Read more, every post, every ebook I share and let’s get connected through social media? I’m ok too.

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