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Have you ever been in love with one person in your life? I don’t know it is my first or seventh life, but assuming it to be one life, one love for me has become more important. In this one life, I never carved for someone’s attention but now I can’t even imagine of one day without this one love.

So to better understand you, let me divide this with what is my one life filled with and what is one love for me?

How I’m in one love with this one life?

You guys know me as Surendra Uppari. I’ve been writing all over my posts about positivity, no regrets and dad is my superhero. You can understand with above all the keywords that I’m a positive man, with positivity all around.

All over my life, I’m happy with zero regrets. This one life is filled with love, happiness and sadness too. But I’m more of a excited person.

I deal with a chocolate called “Forgetful idiot”. I consider my forgetfulness as my beautiful strength in one’s life.

You have no idea on how I deal with stress and regrets but trust me, I’m a good stress buster for everyone. I do not consider calls but more of a texting type. During the nights, I talk to many people and respond to their statuses, when people are in some trauma, stress or depression.

I consider more of myself as a writer full of impact. Thanks to all of you who made me to write more, I’m now in a 17k users. In case, you would like to know more about me, you can check about me page in this blog.

What I do in my one life?

I wake up, do no workouts, I’m the type of person, who is lazy and say “Will do it tomorrow!”. Roam around hall while brushing and right after brushing I wait for my perfect coffee. A day without coffee, makes my one life vulnerable to regrets! I love coffee and coffee loves me too 🙂

Right after coffee, I gather few ideas on what all to do. Most of the time, in life, no one plans or create a to-do list. But, understand the point, a to-do list you make is of no use. We go with the flow, we need to be the type.

Execute the plans of writing the blog, start my work and be more productive. During my afternoon session, I tend to avoid my sleep, be it a half an hour nap or a stretch of 2 hrs. I come up with new things to explore, like building a social community app or pass my time on learning guitar.

If you’re not willing to sleep during afternoon, probably try coming with new things, where your brain needs to be extra active. One life is full of adventures and keep exploring hobbies.

What is one love for me?

My one life is filled with one love called passion. I’m passionate about blogging, learning, keep exploring and many skills. This one life is not sure if I could make it up to 100% productive or 100% lovable. But I’m 200% sure, this one life is full of one love and happiness.

I keep updating people on positivity and share every possible incidents to make them aware of mental health is more important to us.

How my one love is mattered to one life of her?

I love someone special in my one life. My one love for her is above the sky. I don’t know where this one life with one love goes.

I’m confident enough to take further steps of building my life with her love and complete future. I need her, I love her and I’m sure about this.

Am I satisfied with one love in one life?

People carve for love, as it is never ending and we need more of it from everyone. We expect our likeness with favor of trust and love. All we need is love from everyone, but make sure it never goes the other side. We need love, but don’t make one life complicated with more relationships.

Stick to one love and one life. You will see true colors of life.

Surendra Uppari

I’m Surendra Uppari, writer, guitarist though I know only open chords, developer by passion. Have been blogging from the past 3 years, love to share much information through my sources i.e heart.Wanna know more? Read more, every post, every ebook I share and let’s get connected through social media? I’m ok too.

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