Most satisfying moments in Life with a smile:

Namaste! A warm welcome to the most satisfying moments in the life post. We all are grown up’s now and hope no one is below 13yrs. If so please grab a Pizza. Start a game on your PlayStation. To all the adults hereby, I declare a toast. Everyone who is about to read, Welcome to Nobody gives a fuck!. I will ride you to the ‘awesome you’ continent on Feelings Pro Blog, Flight Number FP22042020.


Top Most Satisfying Moments in life:

At some or other point in life, we are satisfied with something and you’re happy about it.  You can read such posts in Quora too. But these are the little things, which will make our day. I was never an unsatisfied man. I do a lot of things to satisfy me and it could even be a lie or trouble. Similarly, we all do those little things in life. Will those lies make us happy? not just happy? we are too excited. Once after we have done such, we feel the craze.

I once grabbed a cup of Irani chai at Hyderabad’s best chai place. Yes! near Charminar, watching it is also a satisfying moments of our life. and I don’t even know that Chai place exists. It was a satisfying moment for me when that hot tiny drops went thought my lips, felt the hotness flowing through my Entrails like a pro.

All of you might not be a chai addict, but is there any such satisfying moment which you want to mention? Feel free to comment and I will reply if I could discuss about it.

Charminar Hyderabad irani chai
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What all do we expect in life?

All I expected was karma. I wanted karma to do its work and I was really happy. Most satisfyingly karma made my dreams come true. I was never a caretaker or caregiver. I never cared for anyone in my life. Once, I was attending a friends party. When I was near Secunderabad sangeet Junction, I found an old lady, asking for money. She was in her 70’s and was holding pens as a gesture of selling. When she came nearby and gave a look at my face, my hands reached out my pockets to handover a few coins. I ended up buying a pen for Rs.50/-.

Help! They need us!, Feelings Pro blog
Help! They need us

Repeating again, I was never a giving person. Even when I visit temples every Saturday, I always ended up adding coins into God’s Hundi (What is Hundi? It is a box, where we drop money for God’s purpose) but not to any beggars over there. Does it mean I’m concerned about my career than themselves? Well people change, people learn, and then people execute. I’m the type of person who is silent, reliable but not trustworthy. I’m dealing with scatter-brained.

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I ended up buying a pen which I’m in no need. I’m not a student to use or not a marketing person to buy. All I’ve bought was to give her a little hope that she can buy food for that hour. Her smile was a truckload of diamonds, she didn’t have any teeth left. When she handed over the pen, she put her hand on my shoulder, as she couldn’t reach my head, she was bending and walking so. Murmured few blessing chants and told Eeshwar will bless you. That was the most satisfying moments in my life.


I was having no idea what’s happening. This thing happened in just 3 minutes go. I saw her thrice at the same place, but managed to get some old clothes. I wonder how she is living during these COVID-19 times.

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To make you all feel better,

These are the top 10 Most satisfying moments I did:

  1. Buying an extra pair of shoes for my poor friend in School.
  2. Never boarded any Indian Train (IRCTC) in my 23 yrs. (Exception if you’re not satisfied with this little thing)
  3. Saved my money and bought a mobile for my dad. He was happy to see the first smartphone in his hand and brought by me. This was the most satisfying moment in my life.
  4. Getting a quick job right after completing my studies.
  5. Keeping a little change in my pockets, ready for donations or charity.
  6. Buying a Maruti Suzuki gixxer 150 instead of Honda Activa 5G. Just taking safety into consideration.
  7. Not sharing my feelings to anyone, as they mostly feel happy rather than helping us.
  8. Blocking that one person out of my mind and boundaries who gives negative vibes. Most satisfying moments in our life.
  9. Having contacts with people only once a week, as it saves our bonding and having fewer quarrels.
  10. Writing a post: How to live a life without Limits and happiness?


Why to stress ourselves and leave our happiness?

We always try to stress out with all the works we do. Recently, I’ve seen my friend working for office even during off shifts. Why stress? I mean why are you working during offs? Does the company pay us back?


Then grab a cup of coffee in the evening and chill yourself. Have a grand look at the sunset, take your doggo for a walk. Give him unlimited belly rubs. My dog says belly rubs are not just happiness. It is his way of expressing love towards me. It gives a satisfying moment to him.

Surendra Uppari Dog Tommy
My happy Doggo!

Thank me later! Do this needful thing. Please share a handful of cooked rice and a little meat or curry if possible to nearby street dogs. They are hungry and during these COVID-19 times, let’s unite and spread smiles.


Ending with a beautiful quote,

If loving humans is making you feel sick, try doggos, you’ll be happiest and it energizes you all the time.


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