Is Solace the ultimate end of our lives?

My dear reader, much love for your constant visits to our blog! I’m happy to see your consistency by following our blog. During the lockdown, I found an interesting storyline and really impressed with my mindful thoughts. They asked me “is solace the ultimate end of our lives?” I was astonished by the question that flew. What is solace? What is the meaning of end of our lives? Why did they both come into the picture.



I’m sorry for not posting new updates, as I caught up with my niece. My sister gave birth to a baby girl and I had few things to work on. Hope this post could be an apology for your long wait.


What is Solace? Is that end of our lives?

Solace is giving comfort during the time of hopeless or sadness. Yes, we undergo sadness almost every night. We are humans, we do think of some person before going to bed or cry for them listening to songs. Fact is that 74% of the world population suffers from disappointment and sadness during the night times.


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How did I find Solace in my life?

We have a milkman who works hard to meet his family financial requirements. He serves milk to 40 people in my neighbourhood. One fine day, he forgot to serve milk to someone and was rushing to meet his deadline. We usually need milk by 8 AM in the morning for making coffee or tea. During his way, a little dog was crossing the road and he had to push himself to the otherwise and fell on the road. All his milk was spilt on the road and the doggo was happy to lick and fulfil its need for hunger. Meanwhile, people gathered, helped the milkman to stand up and set his scooter aside. The milkman was sad as he lost 2 litres of milk and his owner might cut his salary for it.

Hey Milkman, What happened? Wait I will help you out!

A man from the crowd shouted and came towards him. Dear Milkman, we are sorry for what happened, here I’m giving you 10 rupees as we know you, you’re a hard worker and you deserve this for your family. In fact, everyone from this group of people watching will donate you some amount. I was one among them. Even I gave a 10 rupee note. When everyone is dispersing, a young man from the crowd asked milkman, what would happen if that old man didn’t give 10 rupees?

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The milkman whispered, “Sir! I don’t know you, but you gave me 10 rupees. But I know him, he was the one whom I had to deliver this milk“. He didn’t know it but helped me. He is a saviour!”


What is solace at the end of our lives in the story perspective?

The old man helped the milkman, which is happiness to the milkman during his sad moment. 

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Moral of the story:

Sometimes, we don’t know whom we are helping. But if we help a little, that person would be happy.

3 interesting fact in this situation is:

  1. Milkman tried to save the dog, but the dog got a bunch of milk to fulfil its stomach. So he helped the dog twice.
  2. An old man helped the Milkman, and the crowd too, so milkman got almost 3x cost of his milk. (Double happy)
  3. Milkman will serve a day free of milk, from his 3x earnings to this old man, as he was the one initiated.


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