India Lockdown for 21 days: Coronavirus Update

Hey readers, What a sensational decision by our Prime Minister, Mr Modi Ji announced for India Lockdown for 21 days. Since today’s topic is India Lockdown for 21 days. Let us discuss this for a long time and its need.

I hope everyone has read my previous post where our Honourable Prime minister has announced for Janta Curfew. People started celebrating its success in public, many of them gathered on roads. Which is opposite to what it had to be. We all should stay at home and clap for those superheroes, risking lives for us. But these people came out and had huge gatherings. You can find the video link below.

If you haven’t read the post, leaving the link here: Coronavirus Update in India: What a positive energy?


India Lockdown for 21 days: Coronavirus Update

This major pandemic Coronavirus creating panic among us. The reason is simple, we need to stay at home and avoid it. But, people are roaming outside and increasing the chances of exposure to this. I saw many people roaming on roads just because, they are bored of quarantine. If you don’t quarantine now, you won’t have playtime next year.

Do you know why Indian Govt. took this hard decision? Does anyone know how the Indian economy falls because of lockdown? For just the last 2 days of Janta Curfew, Stockmarket has hit very bad that Sensex has a loss of 3 years down and Nifty for 2 years. Never before in India, this huge loss occurred.

Indian rupee value is going down day by day. The American government took an action, but still, they don’t want to call for a complete lockdown like in India. As their economy will be down like ours.

Wuhan is recovering a little compared to last week. There were only 700+ cases registered and city transport has made available after 3 continuous months of shutdown.


What after India shutdown for 21 days is successful?

If this genuinely happens, we can expect to come back to Stage-2, where we are allowed to come out of the home with precautions. If Covid affected people’s counts get down, we can get back to normal life. Please understand the urge of staying at home and quarantine. 


Even I’m home, working for my corporate. Time passing by learning stuff, writing blogs etc.,

I know it’s the boredom which hits if we stay at home, but if corona hits us, we will be no more without proper medication.


Kindly, make yourself comfortable at home, spend time with family and sleep like a panda. If you’re interested to play games, let me know in comments below, we can paly few online games thought this blog. As this blog is very powerful to play web-based games.


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Thanks for reading these posts, will update you in next post with more info on the economy and the present situation around the world.


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