How to make our parents happy? I could succeed!

Hey reader, I’m once again back with one touch storyline. You might have thought about how to make our parents happy? either once in a lifetime? Then you’re on the right Feelings Pro blog-post. Even I’ve thought about How to make our parents happy? Feelingspro is a blog, where you can learn every feelings like a pro.

So the topic headline goes now as if it’s a serial title or movie too if you can imagine. LOL! Wait let me type.

How to make our parents happy?

During childhood I used to think this world runs same, I need to wake up, go to school, make friends play happily and return home. But when I’ve started developing my senses, got to know that parents are utmost important to us in real life. This thing got in my mind very hard when my cousin’s mother and other cousin’s father passed away in just 1 month of hospitalization.

I’ve started developing knowledge, taking things seriously. I wanted to make my parents happy and believe it or now, back then I was an average student in school. I wanted to start learning, keep learning and the only way I can make my parents happy is to top 1st rank in class.


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Started waking up early in mornings, studying alone in my room. My dad and mom were shocked to see me studying. They even asked me, did I fail in any subject. I said, just thought of doing my homework and prepare for exams. I know what I’m telling is unbelievable but trust me I was like that.

Two years fast forward, I’m one of the topper in the batch of SSC. Could crack SSC in a best-performed way, but my father was not happy. He constantly said other 3 people were better than you and they got 96% and you’re at 95%.

Did I fail at making my parents happy?

Exactly, I’ve failed to make my parents happy. If I was the same average student, they wouldn’t expect me to be a topper. But since I started studying and this made them feel I’ll be number one.


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How did I make my parents happy then?

During my engineering, I was thrown into Electronics even when I wanted to learn Computer science. I wasn’t happy but my father was. Mother tho, she wanted both of our happiness so compromised with husband’s decision. I started developing a weird feeling that my father is so cruel. He used to get whatever my sister asks for but I’m always ignored.

I went ahead in Electronics, started learning to code on the other side. Could able to make my first windows phone app. Started creating a Linkedin account. I’ve started freelancing to a few tech startups. Earning a little but could feel that I’m successful.

After graduation, I was able to crack an interview and join an MNC.

I was successful. I felt my parents will be happy seeing that hard-earned money by myself.

I’m really successful…


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But I wasn’t. After 2 days of getting my first salary credited to my bank, what I heard was painful. This really shattered my heart.

My parents were talking to neighbours, who were staying with us from the past 5-6 years. He was a bit drunk, he speaks whatever he feels then. When they were talking about my job and how good I’m at studying, my father told them “I’m a topper, no one is like me.” He is willing to send me to U.S or Canada for further studies.

Just imagine, I was happy with my success and when my parents were talking about future studies in Canada, how would I feel?

I’ve got more interest in paying attention to make our parents happy. Left job ideas and plans. Started chilling out and planned to do MS being alone and moving far from parents.


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Did I move on?

I couldn’t. My mom is my superhero and my love towards her is countless. I’ve always made her feel proud. I still wanted to give a chance to them. I still hear that my father uttering to others, that he have given me a chance to fly but I didn’t. But understand that I’m pillar to my family, and I didn’t want to leave them and go to Canada.

My parents are happy currently, as my father is retired from a government job. I’m earning by my corporate job and freelancing. My sister is happy with her love marriage.

What did I do for my parents to be happy?

I did nothing, chose my passion, created progress in learning, catching this running world with advance solutions. Being nice to elderly people, learning how to live. I could say, my learning process is never-ending. It went from learning a simple C# code to web development now. Learning that toys are not important, parents happiness is important, making them proud is important.

Fast forward to the current situation, I’m happy myself. Understood that friends are temporary happiness, escaping from hard times is to sit alone, think about how you can change by the learning process and aiming for long term investment of your time.

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