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Happiness is important to everyone in these 2020’s. Living a happy life is not that easy, as it comprises of many difficulties and hard work. I saw the same in a novel where author said about “how to live happy life?” but after reading I was able to make my mind that, I’m not good at poetry to understand his level of writing. But after comprising all the books Feelings Pro blog came to a conclusion that we are happy, really. Especially I’m very happy, as it makes me feel like a pro.

To live a happy life, you should question yourself that “how live happy life?” and you must answer what all you’ve done till now to achieve happiness. Now all I want you to do is, just pick a notepad or any paper where you can self-note these observations. But, before me asking questions, let me answer how am I happy with life.


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How to live happy life?

Frankly speaking, I’m a person who can have high anxiety and depression sides. But, I overcome all of them and now decided to be happy in life with thoughts.

In simple points, I’m a writer and weirdo-enthusiast, i.e I love surf internet and learn from it. I was a grade A person in my studies and always simple when coming to my life style. No branded shoes, no costly hairstyles, just a fit band to hand and running shoes everyday.

My parents are simple moving and gave me a life to live, saying it’s yours and build it as you wish. All we need is, a little respect and good position to tell about you.


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I’m not a multitask-er. I can concentrate only on one thing, either studies or food, writing or reading?

I’ve faced many difficulties to overcome this behavior and still assuming could overcome just 40%. I still can’t concentrate at two things at once.

I still remember, how a normal kid like me went to corporate world and now living a life, which is full of tasks and deadlines. Because I’ve taken few brave steps.


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Steps to live a happy life alone:

  1. Invest time in your own way.
  2. Work on what gets money genuinely.
  3. Insure yourself (Health is priority).
  4. Invest 30% of your monthly income in future returns.
  5. Take a LIC, invest in Mutual funds, get to learn stocks.
  6. Start a new hobby, which can be with you until you live, like painting, learning guitar, etc.,
  7. Save 50% of your income in banks, you never know which emergency can require your money (Parents obviously)
  8. Take dating as casually as you can, since it will definitely damage your presence of mind.
  9. Never share your depression status online or with friends, as most of them feel happy that you’re broken.
  10. Start being a child and talk whatever you feel, to yourself and just see you’ll be happy again.

I’ve told you that you’ll require a notepad right? now just write these on that and answer them right below every question. These are just to measure how much happy you’re.

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    • How much bank balance you’ve currently?

    • What are your hobbies other than reading and TV?

    • Are you investing money for future?

    • Do you have a job? Else find one right after graduation?

A-private-life-is-a-happy-life feelings pro blog post,

Happy life tips:

Dear readers, all the above questions comprises of at least 50% productive answers, else you cannot be happy, as life is ranging wide and you never know how much amount you saved will be useful to us.

Money is not everything but, money is the ruler. It cannot replace a life, but your life is dependent on it.


So, always remember, your happiness is within you. All you need is a simple planning.


how to live happy life alone

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