How to live a life without Limits and happiness?

Living a life without Limits is like flying high like a bird in the sky. My dear fella, you can choose how to live a life full of positivity and integrity. But remember, there are many risks to achieve anything in your life. We always want to achieve something, so we live a life where we take step back saying it’s not for us as it’s hard for you to take the failure.


We always think failure in the first place than taking a path to achieve it. If you give me two paths to chose, where one is full of dragons and other is full of the princess, I would choose dragons as my path as I would love to make them friends than a girl.


How to live a life without limits?

I’m the guy who doesn’t have limits in my life. I can do anything at my home, and my parents are always supportive. They never told me to do which I’m not comfortable with. They allowed me to sing songs, play the guitar, create podcasts, write a blog and still I sometimes feel like a failure will take apart on someday.

Until today I’ve maintained myself to live a balanced life. Everything seems to be normal and all my paths were right. Yes, I’ve lost a few of my money in creating my interests or career probably. But all those were never the wrong choice. I couldn’t make it but I’ve learnt many useful resources from them.

Everyone struggle here to live a positive life or want to be creative and be happy with themselves. I’ve met a friend before lockdown who told, he is living a better life and he got to know the purpose of life. I was in shock that at the age of 24 years, did he knew?

I’m equal to him and still struggling hard to understand myself. I’m still working for corporates and earning by a fixed schedule. Blogging is part-time and podcasts have become my hobby.

After running through all of these, I could figure out one thing. Why the hell was I comparing dude? This is the first failure we do, we should always make ourselves unique and never a comparison, please.

Do not compare yourself
Do not compare yourself, live a life with purpose


Creative life with dreams:

Dude, we all must have dreams and dream them every night as bigger as you can. But here these dreams need to be your achievements and you must see the progress. We all are not Martin Luther king to achieve things in the first place but have perfect planning and a path to take risks.

Taking risks is always better and you will get something from it.

A great poet whom I know personally told,

Always fall asleep with a dream but wake up only when you know the puspose of it

Damn the poet, I’m a writer and I just write it out of curiosity but we need to find a purpose every day. Staying calm and doing the same stuff will make us feel bored and it will impact on our relationships and family.

You can do anything

We tend to burst out our stressful words and emotions only when we are not good at things. So, my dear reader, I know we love each other, so please try finding yourself every day a purpose to live and live a life without limits. It is very important to take risks and most importantly learn from failures.

Surendra Uppari

I’m Surendra Uppari, writer, guitarist though I know only open chords, developer by passion. Have been blogging from the past 3 years, love to share much information through my sources i.e heart.Wanna know more? Read more, every post, every ebook I share and let’s get connected through social media? I’m ok too.

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