How to deal with depression and mood swings?

Hola! Wish I could come out of expectations a lot these days. I always feel excited to have a casual talk with my girlfriend. End up a little more enthusiastic and sad about my over excitement. Dude! you’re over excited and sad later? Fella! it is depression and mood swings. You are in safer hands. Welcome to Feelings Pro blog, a big toast to all those happy souls who are reading this blog. This jet blog will land on peace, with full of humans and doggos in next 6 minutes. Your travel bus to depression and mood swings execution is waiting at service number FP23042020.


I hope everyone is not having anxiety issues. But do you know that 4 out of 6 people face depression and mood swings issues. We might be on same page or our friends face these anxiety issues. Due to these anxiety issues (Link), few people get depressed too. What? are you serious? I know this got into your mind. I’m dead serious my dear friend. Well, to better understand this situation let me tell you, I’ve a friend who has serious anxiety issues. I mean, he feel very happy and annoying at same time. But later, that happiness fades away and depression takes place. This changes to mood swings later part. You’ll be noticing few changes.

Anxiety and Depression Feelings pro
Depression and mood swings – Feelings pro

He is always cool with people. He is a little caring person but mostly sounds like a pro in everything. I was with him since childhood. He never made any friends by himself. He is attractive by thoughts, lovable by actions and cared by his words.


What took him to feel depression and mood swings? What is Anxiety first?

Anxiety is a state where people find uneasy, some kind of worrying and more nervousness.


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This is not common in everyone. People have uneasy feeling when going through new kind of changes. Sometimes when they are doing new works or responsibilities, it leads to nervousness. This nervousness later takes place to depressing souls, which I’ll discuss in later parts.


What kind of person this Anxiety hero is?

He take friendships seriously. Anxiety took place, he wanted to have fun with friends. Trips, school, college and everything, he was assuming that he is happy with such gestures. His friends are too good to feel his presence. Everyday seems to be his happy day. He never faced any serious issues as we get through. Because he is lovable, caring and childish by heart. What in the world knows that he was a gem. No one bothered to talk to him. One day, when he was sick, he saw no friend coming to see him at home. No one cared to ask how he is doing with studies, when he tried attending to college.

Happy kids feelings pro

He was astonished to see his friends playing football in grounds without him. Person was sick mentally and drastically changing his health. He was numb in seconds and admitted in hospital on a evening. Doctors were rushing to find a match of his blood with healthy persons. His parents were calling every relative and friends for help. His mom was praying for a hope. Meanwhile a doctor told to his dad “we are trying our best, we just need a 250 ml of blood, to supply platelets into his body.”


Poor kiddo was expecting his friends to show up. So that he can tell them, how he feels for them. He waited for them till 10 o’clock in the night, later visiting hours closed and he didn’t lose hope for next day.

What happened the other day?  He wasn’t suffering from depression and mood swings right now!

His platelets went down a little more than usual. Doctors told, situation is getting more critical. We need blood, else he is into risk. His body is not co-operating. He was still waiting for his friends to show up. One day passed for matching his blood in their family and friends circle. During the second night, he was bleeding through nose. Sister! I don’t want to die, please save me. I want to spend some time with my family, I want my mom right now. Poor little soul, wanted someone to pat him and say you’re fine.

Finally, his blood samples matched. A person from his college, donated blood. Platelets were separated and injected into his body. Next day, he did not recover but later in the evening, doctors told his condition improved.

No do not ask what is he suffering from, as you all know it was a death taking Malaria, deadly disease from last 5 years in India. He was discharged after 2 days of observations.

Seriously, he was a nomad after this incidence. Nobody turned up to see this poor kid. Except his family no body cared. But he was excited to be around his friends right? Why they did not turn up? Friends were mean, they were busy in their own world. In this 21st century, nobody gives a fuck bro. Poor soul, he was empty then, faced depression right after anxiety.


What is Depression?

Depression in correct form, can be explained as a mood where a person is being sad and it may effect his daily life style. Being in depression state for more than a week leads to severe pain in a human. It could also lead to suicidal thoughts or unnecessary panicking.

Poor soul, after going through such disaster, he went into depression. All he could imagine was, even his girlfriend didn’t show up during his hard times. He was in a relation with her from a year. Waited for friends but not more than his girlfriend. He was hoping that she would come and tell everything will be okay. Such a cheerful person is now depressed and had panic attacks later.

Depression and mood swings feelingspro
Depressed Kid

I doubt he never thought about family, but he did. Seriously he felt the pain was miserable by abandoned friends. A girl whom he gave a part of his soul, didn’t respect it. But a family whom he always ignored, never wanted to lose hopes on his life. He was alive because his family gave every chance to make him alive.

This person overcome with just a hope, if my parents are happy with a kid like me, why shouldn’t I feel happy for having such parents. Approximately for a year, he was not a human. He cared for none, couldn’t come out of that trauma. Friends come and go, but no one stays was his lifetime philosophy now.

How to deal with depression and mood swings?

I overcome with a technique call “NO MORE MORONS!”. I’m really sorry for writing this bad sentence. I keep hoomans aside, if I had to choose either a doggo or humans. Dear healer, we are living in 2020 and still you find humanity here? I was excited, but disappointed at same time. Why do you feel happy when your friend is suffering? I saw a friend of my, laughing at the worse situation between two lovers. I wanted to slap him out of my senses. Though I could manage to punch him at face, I was not satisfied yet. Even I lost control, I’m no human.

Couple during quarrel. Another man is happy.

People are so mean and they always wanted a step ahead of us. Not only us, they were mean with everyone right.


So I had a mantra to deal with depressions and mood swings at once. I stay calm and divert my mind with hobbies. Hobbies can be meditation, exercise, gym or a little dancing too. You don’t need to give anyone a little care, except for parents and the suffering poor.

We are not rich by money, so at least be rich by heart and help each other at difficult times. During the war in Mahabarat, Lord Krishna took the side where justice and humanity exists. Be the Krishna of someone’s life who is true by heart.


How to be happy a soul?

Be your own kind. BYOK is my agenda for this life. No one can take shit out of you, unless they want to. Be the modest in understanding. Rightest in handling and dumbest in expressing.

Finally a doggo quote from my tommy side:

If a bow-bow is kidding you with a wagging tail. Look into her eyes, you’re her sunshine.

Happy and smiling Doggo.

Happy and smiling Doggo.


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