How my dad is superhero? 200% relatable

Have you ever stuck at some point in your life, where you need a hand on your shoulder and someone says, don’t worry we are here? I hope that hand you need was not in your happiness but in your sadness too. But, what is happiness anyway? Someday it is filled with full of smiles and other days it’s the mix of confusion and sadness. You will notice that if you were stuck at school or college, most of the dads come to pick you up and drop at home, even when they are really stressed out and that is how my dad is a superhero.


What my dad is? Was he able to meet my superhero?

For me, happiness is an attitude which my dad wears as a definition. Seeing him unhappy, sometimes a family goes down, but watching him happy, a whole family goes up. We all plan how to be a good dad in future, but do you know that your dad was the best for you? Some of us might lose our dad’s, even my dad lost my grandpa when he was a 3-year kid. He faced a lot of circumstances, which he never let me face till now.

dad is my hero

But my dad couldn’t give his 100%. I’m not here to complain but to cherish. Most of the times, dad would be busy in office calls, office work and family problems. Some of us complain, my dad is a business person, he is always busy in meetings. My dear future dad’s, just imagine you’re in the ’20s or ’30s right now. Even we do the same in future to our kids.

We are living in the 21st century, having many automated robots, automation tools, yet we work on manual office works. Just imagine, you how your dad managed his work and spend his perishing time with you during childhood?


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What did your superhero do in your childhood?

Assuming, my childhood, he used to wake up early in the morning. Get ready to office, drop us at school on a bike, reach out to the office and pick us up during the evening time. Right after dropping, he used to be back to work.  Just imagine, he used to spend 9 AM to 4 PM in office, i.e 7hrs of work. Drop us during his office work and returned to the office and worked till 6 PM and then back to home. To him, we were his priority. He used to maintain his quality time table, divide it into the shift and work with a family as a superhero.


What are we doing right now?

We spend 9hr of our work at the office, reach home, sleep like hell. Wake up in the morning and rush to office. Where is the bloody family time my dear? Are you not planning to be a superhero to your son/daughter?

happy family of superhero.png
happy family of superhero.png

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My dad is a superhero: How?

He gave me a life which is worth living, he gave me the best choices to fulfil my dreams. Not only studies, but he also gave me all the right to decide my future partner. Dad’s gives us the best and we need to make most out of it.

Dad’s little princess gets whatever she wants. Do you know that dad is mostly attached to a daughter whereas son is mostly attached to the mother? But do undestand that we cannot live only with one, we need both to fulfil our life and needs.


My Dad is my hero even during Lockdown:

  • He wakes up early and gets us whatever we asked the previous day
  • Buying vegetables to home groceries, he never forgets any.
  • We are so attached to dad’s cooking nowadays. He is our master chef.
  • Dad spends most of the time on T.V but never forgets to play with us.
  • He got many responsibilities to do, like paying loans, EMI’s and all.
  • Still, without having a job during this time, he is making some money available.
  • Paying them as rent, bills and buying stuff for home.

We love you all the dad’s out there. You’re beautiful and we are in debt with your sacrifices. Dear mom, you’re our true love. But deep down we knew, dad is all loved by us, but we don’t talk about it.


Somewhere in the point, we love him a lot that, we think about it, why we don’t tell him.

Dad sacrifices his earnings for us, he buys many kinds of stuff from toys to vehicles, but still, he uses old 2006 Splendor bike whereas we have a duke or at least 2015+ model Fz.

He bought us whatever we asked for but forgets to get his regular health check-up done, as he needs to pay our tuition fee.

Talking about all these might make us feel more positive towards dad. But remember, when that girl who left us, you were crying. Dad sat beside us and placed his hand over your shoulder and told “Beta, it’s alright to lose someone. A better person is on your way. We will find one or move on.”


Why is our superhero dad underrated?

Dad’s are always underrated in family, not to make a super sentence out of it. But I’ve seen this everywhere. Wakes up in the morning, comes home tired after work. Spends a little time with us, but we don’t know his working conditions.

We share almost everything at home with mom, as she is always available for us. She will be our best friend for life, but what does the ocean know, that a tiny droplet of rain can create a river flow faster.

At some phases, we need dad’s love. His caring words we need them, but he can’t be too available, but let’s make him right to create a space for us. 10 minutes a day to speak? Or a whole Sunday to spend a day with us?

Dear future dad’s, please understand the essential time of spending with your parents, especially dad. Make a decision right now on how to be with your kid. Wanna give 100% like my dad is a superhero type of 200% of your dad’s love and care to your kids? then follow this.



He always gave us the best, and he remains a superhero of everyone’s life. Take some responsibilities he has, fulfil them and you will be the greatest son or daughter whom he wished of during his teenage.

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