How good breakup is? How to overcome?

My dear fellas, I know this topic is off the platform. But hey, I’m going to talk about how good a breakup is? Isn’t it motivational or good feelings? But still, I’m here my friend. Feelings Pro blog can help you understand how good a breakup is for you if you had a breakup. For more such good motivating posts, follow on daily basis.

So today, my friend dialled my number and spoke for an hour. He told that his girl broke up with him and he has no idea about it. I know him personally from my childhood and they are in a relationship from last 8yrs. You can understand the fact that how much they have come together and faced many battles with a keen interest in each other.

You know I was worried, as they were perfect Jodi and I couldn’t imagine him going through such de-motivating phase. Breakup is not a bad or good phase though. It’s a transition state where you need to understand what went wrong.

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How good breakup is?

As you know, God gives us anything for a certain time and takes it back in a lifetime. You can relate anything to it, either happiness or sadness. You can be sad or happy but nothing can come simultaneously. When she loved you, both were perfect but had few reasons for the breakup. Work on them and still if you both are uncomfortable, it’s better to take apart ways than, struggling to live together.

There is no reason to keep yourself depressed. People listen to sad songs for hours as it soothes your soul. But they are a temporary solution. We all know a breakup takes almost a year or 2 years to overcome. But, you need to understand that, during this period you’ve few limitations, like blocking him/her, keeping your friends who talk about him/her to create disturbance in your life.

What is the Breakup recovery time?

Recovery time for a breakup is completely on your call. Do you want to drag it by thinking? Then it goes on for a period of 4 years, do you want to move on? It hardly takes 6 months. We know our memories are not that easy to overcome but definitely, you’ll pass through and move on further when the right person comes.

I’ve personally seen people crying throughout the day. My dear friend, crying won’t get you, all you need to do is either convince or conceive yourself.


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how good breakup is? You’ll heal 🙂 (Feelings Pro)

After all those meetings with my friend, I’ve decided not to love anyone. Told him how he is struggling and I don’t want to face any. Out of such a damage to his feelings, still, he told me one thing, after hearing my heartfelt a relief.

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He told me “Being loved is a heavenly feeling, you should not miss it. You can love anyone but if they love back, you’re special. You might now know yourself better. But when they say, how you can be loved and express the best parts in you, that is where you’ll be loved.”


Have some empathy and understand that, God gives us any lovable object for once in a lifetime, and love is not an object, it is a feeling and you’ll get it forever.


I hope this will really help you to move on. Have a great day ahead and really I’m happy to see you accepting the damage and going again to share some love.


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