Coronavirus Update in India: What a positive energy?

Hello reader, Just a heads up to all the doctors and social workers. Coronavirus update in India: what a trend by our Modi Ji on Coronavirus precautions and preventive measures. Janta curfew on 22nd March was really successful. People really followed the rules of our honourable Prime Minister.

Coronavirus Update in India:

All of them were clapping, playing loud sounds, ringing bells. This really created positive energy. Even my doggo made its tribute, by hauling. Do you really think that India is changing? India is changing with coronavirus?

Let me tell you what all worked well as per media and events which I saw:

  1. Most of them were at home and started feeling like summer holidays.
  2. Parents were worried about children more but don’t know that they are more exposed.
  3. Everyone waited to be 5 PM and when it was happening

Boom… A lot of noise at one place, plates, bells, Shankh and claps.


That was really very good to hear, a tribute to doctors but wait, I saw a video where people where roaming on the streets. Let me see that video again… LOL, people are roaming on roads by whistling, saying Go corona… corona Go.

I’m a regular follower of @Tedthestoner from past few months, loved his content and deliveries. This video was proof from his IGTV. Kindy watch it if you missed. (Not a promotion though, he doesn’t even know me).

Lesson from this Corona Update in India:

People know that social distancing is important in this scenario. Then why almost 100+ people gathered in this success event of Janta Curfew. Modi Ji especially mentioned, stay at home and ring bells or whatever.


We Indian’s are smart but loses our mind when we are over-excited. Staying at home for a day doesn’t work out. Which is why Italy is warning to the whole world. Self-quarantine for at least 1 month to see the results.

Guys, I do understand, we are educated and we know the value of being quarantined, but do educate those uncles and aunties who don’t know what it is.


Sharing is caring, but sharing coronavirus is our ending.

With this ending line, I’m signing off 🙂

#Staysafe #Staypure #Washhands

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